Author:James O'Keeffe

60/40 Hybrid Working & Office Spaces

The  Covid-19 pandemic created a situation where a large proportion of our population could not safely attend their regular work places. The instruction issued by our leaders was simple, if you can work from home you should. For those that could, this meant that employers had...

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Form Meets Function

In the world of design there have always been differing schools of thought, some focused on the idea that functionality is the most important aspect of design and that if the product performs its function correctly then it can be considered a success. Others believe...

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Touch screens are transforming meeting spaces

Touchscreen Technology Is Transforming Meeting Spaces

Today we’re talking about the influence Touchscreen Technology has on meeting spaces. We will discuss its increasing use within interactive environments and how it is shaping the way colleagues interact in modern businesses. We will also be detailing some handy solutions designed to support the...

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