Cable Crisis

Cable Crisis

“Technology integration within the workplace is causing a collision between Standard Furniture and our AV/IT needs. This disruption is occurring faster than it’s being addressed in meeting and collaboration spaces (A Muddle in a Huddle). Innovative technologies require the use of designed furniture solutions. This cause of friction can have financial impact and create frustrations unless facility decision makers take an initiative for the ownership of the workplace technology integration process.”

[Source: Agile Workplace Conference]

We have all been here, there is an important meeting or conference call you have organised and prepared for. The Agenda, discussion points and images have been prepped, you arrive early to set up and ensure thing runs smoothly. Only to discover that you can’t get any connections to work due to sheer mass of cables.

If the user isn’t familiar with the different connections, this suddenly becomes an issue for I.T. and if they aren’t available and you aren’t sure what cable leads connects to what device, what do you do?

A key client visits for a meeting and you want to make an impression, you would not want the customer to walk in and see a mess of cables on the desk you are due to have a discussion at.


What can we do to resolve this?

IT and audio visual can be difficult to use and is not always straight forward. We all want to achieve improved productivity from collaboration and conferencing, without the stress of poor connection cables.

Here at Dalen, we design solutions that enable you to ‘Plug and Play’ by providing specialist furniture solutions designed to make video conferencing easy and hassle free. We integrate cables and connections into the furniture itself, so that it straightforward to use and prevents people re-configuring cables, allowing technology to enhance communication and collaboration and in turn boosts meeting productivity. Meetings and video conferencing will work every time.

If you struggle with a cable crisis at your workplace, get in touch at today we’ll provide a system which will work with your infrastructure all the time for all the staff, no matter how tech (or not!) savvy.