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Huddle Space

The Future of Huddle Spaces

‘Huddle spaces’ has evolved from a buzz word to a requirement in most modern workplaces. We previously discussed what Huddle spaces meant and the rise of the term within the workplace here. So, what’s changed since then? We look ahead to the future of the...

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The Future of the Workplace

The future of the workplace is all about creativity and collaboration. Having spaces designed specifically to improve the way individuals and teams work. Technology is key to improving collaboration, it allows people to work today without being physically present. The demands of the modern office are...

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Video Conferencing

Key Benefits of Video Conferencing For Your Business

As technology evolves, the requirement for video conferencing is becoming significant within businesses, to better improve communication, among a number of other reasons. As a piece of technology that is fast becoming an imperative part of everyday business life, it might be surprising to learn...

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