Jupiter SFF

Jupiter  SFF

Screen Mount w/ PC enclosure

Our Jupiter SFF screen mounts feature an integrated enclosure able to house small PCs and wireless connectivity devices, transforming older screens into simple and cost-effective digital signage / meeting space screens that are able to perform a plethora of tasks outside of the range of normal screens.

The screen mount it is a light-in-weight mounting bracket that secures heavy screens to the wall. Its versatile arms affix to the mounting holes on the VESA screen mounting holes up to 600×400. As one of the slimmest bracket of our screen mounting range, JUPITER is simple to use and install.



  • Designed to secure small form factor devices
  • Wall-mounts screens up to 600×400 VESA mounting holes
  • Adjustable arms accommodate majority of mounting holes
  • Keeps cables organised and tidy behind the screen
  • Holes in security plate for cable management
  • Ventilation for PC
  • Locks and secures with a push button lock

Features & benefits


Integrate a PC into your screen mount

Create cost effective digital signage / meeting room solutions


upgrade to
2x PC enclosures

Jupiter-SFF is available with an PC enclosure on either side or both sides of the screen mount

Create your own digital signage / SMART screens!

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