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Meeting and Collaboration spaces that work for you…

Desks and dedicated offices are fading away at the precise moment when productivity depends on the need to meet, discuss and collaborate on projects in a dynamic and visually rich way. The style preference during meetings is gravitating towards one of engaging, informal, smaller meetings to interact and collaborate through work projects.

Meanwhile, large conference rooms remain unoccupied, constantly reserved but unused by the small groups that needs prompt, regular check-in meetings.

The combination of factors, coupled with rising real estate costs are increasing demand for a variety of audio visual integration presentation, collaboration and communication tools in every space available where impromptu meetings might take place.

Dalen specialises in provided the best solutions for meeting spaces that will that maximise the effectiveness of your space with technology integration. Our pedigree and experience ensure technology is easily managed to provide the end user and seamless and user-friendly experience.


We believe a meeting room should be broken down into its component parts, such as space dimensions, seating, screens and storage, AV and IT connections etc. Dalen take a holistic approach so we can understand how meeting room styles vary for all types of organisations, it is important to understand the elements of how a business works.



Do you work collaboratively, if so how?

How often do small and large teams meet?

How do the meetings flow?

What style of meetings take place?

Is there technology in use and how is it being used?

Do you need to adhere to certain compliances?

Maximise the effectiveness of your meeting rooms

From Huddle spaces and touch-down spaces to conference or project rooms, we have a range of solutions that will work in your chosen environment. We work with the customer to understand and qualify your needs to provide a solution that is fit-for-purpose and specific to your requirements.

We make specialist furniture solutions for more effective meetings

Some of our solutions…