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Office Furniture That Fits Your Business…

Finding the right Furniture for your company is made easy. We have a complete range of workstations, executive desks, corner and cluster desks with something to suit every kind of space. If you’re not sure of what will work for your environment, our specialist design team are on hand to help you with your space planning to get the most out of your work spaces.

Planning your space effectively by utilising our office and workplace furniture enables your workforce to perform their duties in comfort. The more comfortable they are the happier and more productive they can be. With this in mind, we have a range of ergonomically designed workplace solutions that promote good posture and varied working methods.

Some of our solutions…

Agile spaces

Our range of workspace desks have been designed to fit almost any space and our bespoke design and manufacture capabilities mean that you can specify custom properties of your preferred product including its dimensions accessories and worktop shape.

Featured Product:

Delta Desk


Our Bench desks are modular allowing you to fit into a huge range of environments. from open plan offices to narrow under utilised spaces our desk ranges help you to make the most out of your space no matter the size and our space planning services including room renders and 2d layouts make the whole process simple.

Featured Product:


Sit-Sit Workstations

Our bench system, including single and double bench options. Available as a fixed height desk or height adjustable using a manual rotating handle, adopting a Sit-Sit adjustment.Our ergonomic desking solution allows you to set up a table at the most appropriate seated height for its individual user.

Featured Product:

Linea Elevate

Ergonomics & Comfort

Our Sit-Stand solutions provide a premium quality desking solution for agile working environments. Users who require the option of working at a range of heights from seated to standing positions are able to freely choose their preferred working position as and when it suits their needs.

Featured Product:



We believe offices and workplaces should be planned and designed around their component parts, such as dimensions, workstations, seating, screens, storage, AV and connectivity etc. Dalen take a holistic approach so we can understand how office and workplace styles vary for all types of organisations, it is important to understand the elements of how a business works.

What sort of space is being occupied?

How many people work in the space?

What sort of tasks are they performing?

How should team members be grouped?

Is there technology in use and how is it being used?

Do you need to adhere to certain compliances?

Maximise the effectiveness of your Workplaces and Office spaces

From simple modular bench desks to ergonomic and height adjustable solutions we have a range of desks to suit your needs. On top of that we offer the unique ability to customise and create bespoke solutions to fit your environment.

We make specialist furniture solutions for more effective Workplaces