SYNERGY Collaborative Tables


Collaborative Tables

Our Synergy Collaborative table range can be fully integrated with AV and IT equipment and provides an all-in-one, plug and play solution. Available in a number of table shapes and sizes, the diverse range of tables can provide a solution for any size meeting room.

From huddle and touch-down spaces to conference and flexible workspaces, Dalen provide a range of solutions that will work in your chosen environment. We work with you to understand and qualify your needs to create a solution that is fit-for-purpose and specific to your requirements.




  • PC cages
  • Height adjustable models available
  • Range of standard paint, worktop & edge banding finishes
  • Standard data interface plate & connectivity
  • Screen mount
  • Standing or seated option
  • Worktops are supplied with a depth of 25-40mm

Additional Options

  • Non-standard paint, worktop & edge banding finishes
  • Bespoke data interface plate & connectivity
  • Under desk rack unit
  • Power & data modules
  • Dual screen mount
  • Camera mount
  • Extended neck (for VC uses)

Shapes and sizes to suit any user requirement…

  • Ideal for face to face meetings.
  • Perfect for team-based activities encouraging participants to share ideas.
  • Suitable for boardroom environments.


Ranges from 4-20 seats

  • Encourages more focus on the screen for group works activities and video conferencing.
  • Tapered end allows more users to be seated at the head of the table.


4-16 seat versions

  • Ergonomically designed and promotes group focus.
  • Encourages collaborative working using the screen as secondary aid.


6 & 9 seat versions

  • Suited to video conferencing requirements enabling a camera to pan all meeting contributors.
  • Encourages collaborative working using the screen as primary aid.
  • 3-seat ‘Huddles’ are perfect for breakout spaces.


3, 5 & 7 seat versions

  • Encourages collaboration between all users.
  • Perfect for small rooms and difficult to populate spaces.


2 & 6 seat versions

We can design and manufacture SYNERGY to your requirements

SYNERGY is designed to provide users with a dynamic and interactive solution

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